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viznysuz - lMxIDiIhzIhvWhCHeSP
hNEHbXvWvSBRpz (11/03/2012)
Blocking code reviews are used at a big oinlne retailer once known for selling books. It was mainly a turf war with massive egos. Changes were nitpicky but mandatory- you might write code in 4 hours but spend 10 days making various teams happy with your decision to use certain variable names, methods, etc.At one time they had a system that sent email when code was checked in. That was essentially a nonblocking code review- and if poeple paid attention to the files coming in, you might get an email for the right reasons: not commenting the code, forgetting a case that would break the code, etc. Eventually that became unweildy- too much mail, people were pressured to work harder, which meant reviewing others' code became a lower priority.Knowing that email would be sent to interested parties worked well- even if nobody looked at the code, you knew someone else would see it, so you acted like a good citizen.

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