Great thoughts. Suja (28/11/2014)
Great thoughts. Sujatha garu, I have few ideas on old-age home coecnpt. I would like to meet you in person. Actually I live in USA and we are coming back permanently to Hyd next year. intha manchi abhipraayaalu vunna group of people oka platform lo vunte..great. I can do something for the society ani chinna excitement. I will be in touch [url=]gsddjvwtac[/url] [link=]ehdkghzpkh[/link]

Sushma - DHT23jNt
Hello Spermbirds !!! (26/11/2014)
Hello Spermbirds !!! I saw you guys many years a go (Ithink maybe 17 years a go) on a small festival in Belgium ( Kastival in Kasterlee)and I have never <a href="">fogtotren</a> about you. I hada cassette that I lost on the way and the only song I really couldremember by lyrics was the Texas Cowboy song. So I thought, letslook for them on you tube , and Oh my God !!! all off your greatsongs were on it !!!!! I was verry happy that day !!! Your music isreally really good and I saw today that you guys had a concert inbelgium not so lang a go . Well , I'm very sad that I missed thatone so I hope that you guys are coming soon back to belgium so Ican hear you guys live again like when I had the age of 13 (now 17years a go). Greetings and keep up the good work !!!!Liesbeth

Grinjo - m9lIlsyxA
Raed..You can't solv (25/11/2014)
Raed..You can't solve any problem wiuhtot identifying the issue you know, and he's not really a one man army or a one in all software package to do all the stuff from identifying and then solving now is he?it's like he's adding fire to the fuel of only the few who are capable of anything but it all needs time nothing will change in a very short period of time (the instance you want it to be) and voala no more shit its not as easy judging the level of shit WE pulled ourselves this deep into we might be living in the mistakes of others and we might be suffering the consequences of humanity but if you wanna accept it, you're not helping, if you wanna nag about it and stop, won't help much either but if you still aim to do something or at least THINK in a positive direction (or negatively positive -wow-) that's a good starter for a hope of resolution.Eh i dont really believe a perfect world is possible nor do I want a perfect world here on this planet but I want what we're capable of (in good) and nothing else matters so yeah take a break, have a kitkat loldamn you people always make me look like a hope preecher but gimmi a break, for people who brought themselves so deep into this shit why wouldn't it be possible to do exactly the opposite VA:F [1.9.20_1166]please wait...VA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 0 votes)

Khan - wIGIwCFAS

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